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Facility Waste Consulting

Additional Compactor Services

Facility Waste Consulting with Moore Waste and Recycling Services Dallas Fort Worth TXDeodorizing

Compactors for food or other wet waste will begin to smell in warm weather or in enclosed areas, such as a parking garage or underground. Deodorize your compactor with a patented, guaranteed solution that eliminates those odors and make your facility more pleasant for customers and employees.


Wireless Compactor Management allows the compactor to communicate directly with Moore’s dispatch center. Sensors in the compactor monitor fullness and notify us when to haul compactor. Data is exchanged between host and equipment frequently to track capacity and schedule timely service.

Design and Consultation

Pre-Construction Waste Planning

Include Moore in the design phase of your construction project to plan for adequate long-term trash removal. We can save your business significant money and future problems by creating a plan for property access and container placement in the planning stages of your project.

Solve Waste and Recycling Problems

Managing your businesses waste shouldn’t be a full-time job. Let us evaluate your current program and create a cost-efficient plan to end your trash problems.

Ask Moore Waste and Recycling Services to get involved with Waste planning BEFORE your facility is in need of service!

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Serving Dallas area for over 60 years. Moore Waste and Recycling is your one stop resource for all your waste removal needs. Our staff of industry experts will assess and recommend economical, efficient and reliable waste removal solutions designed to meet your business’s needs. We work directly with customers to provide prompt and cost-effective service. All services are provided with our own equipment and staff.
Let us handle your waste so you can manage your business!

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